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UHMW Fastener Kit

CAD $ 120.00$ 300.00
These bolts kits allow you to securely fasten a sheet of UHMW plastic to the bottom of your hull for extra protection. Each kit contains various lengths of 5/16"-18UNC stainless steel flathead socket cap screws, matching sealing washers, and nylon locking nuts. Together these bolts, washers, and nuts ensure a strong and leak free connection. Kits are available in a small pack for repairs or small installations. We also offer kits that are tailored to fit out 10ft, 11ft, and 12ft A2 Series hulls. Quantities for each kit size are described below.

UHMW sheet (4ft x 10ft x 1/2in)

CAD $ 695.00
We recommend using 1/2 inch UHMW as it has the best longevity and strength. Our sheets are 4ft x 10ft x 1/2in You can also purchase a UHMW Fastening Hardware Kit from us to make sure you have the right bolts and hardware to ensure a tight and strong fit. Please note this product is too large for our usual shipping options, and it must be delivered by a LTL trucking company instead. The shipping costs for this product are not calculated at checkout. Once an order is placed we will arrange a shipping quote for your order and reach out to you for payment of these shipping charges separately. If you are unsure about this process, or would like to know the cost for shipping before placing an order please use our; quoting tool, offline payment options, or contact us to discuss this in person. Orders that are placed and subsequently cancelled may incur a 3% charge so please reach out to us before ordering.