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Minijet A2 Series – Kit Builder

Our kit builder tool allows you to configure different options and accessories for our 10ft, 11ft, or 12ft A2 Series kits and welded hulls. This kit builder tool works on a logic system similar to a ladder, each selection you make or product that you click will take you to the next rung of the ladder. If you move backwards or change a previous selection you will step back down the ladder and may need to re-enter certain selections due to the changes you have made. Once you've assembled a kit of products that you are happy with you can proceed to checkout to pay a deposit for your order, or you can add it to a quote. With both of these options your order is submitted to us for review and we will contact you to discuss the details of your order, forecast lead times, shipping options, and to discuss any questions that you might have.
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Minijet A2-12 Welded Hull

USD $15,579.60
We are now offering our most popular A2-12 model as a complete welded hull package. This package includes:
  • Minijet A2-12 fully welded hull
  • 1/2" Thick UHMW hull protection - Installed
  • Low profile windscreen frame - Installed.
  • Lexan window inserts and attachment hardware - loose components
  • Minijet Die Cast Intake with EZ clean intake stomp grate - Installed.
  • Your choice of intake driveshaft supports to suit Yamaha, Seadoo, or Kawasaki driveshaft installations - loose components.
  • Your choice of engine mount kits for Yamaha, Seadoo, or Kawasaki Engine installation - Loose components.
  • Integrated rear seat engine cover - Installed
  • Coosa composite floor panel and rear engine cover lid - Installed.
  • Engine cover hinges, latch, and retention cable - Installed.
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Minijet Electronic Finger Control Levers

USD $234.92USD $469.84
Our Minijet electronic finger control levers allow you to easily re-use and re-mount the electronic throttle and iBR control sensors from your donor Seadoo. This product makes a clean and simple installation, with no extra cables or wires getting in the way. Unlike other products on the market, these electronic finger control levers do not require any modifications to the Seadoo sensor bodies, and the clamping attachment can be angled to suit different steering wheel and handlebar positions. This product is proudly designed, machined, anodized, and shipped from our home in Canada directly to you. Please note this product does not include the electronic throttle or iBR sensors.

SACO Dual Row Impeller

USD $1,274.14
This thick blade dual row impeller is designed to take a beating, and outlast the competition in harsh conditions.
  • Cast 2205 duplex stainless steel
  • Thick blades for durability
  • Two rows of blades for ultimate slip resistance
  • Statically balanced
  • Easy retro-fit for various single stage jet ski pumps.
Select the appropriate part number and pitch for your application.

Sea-Doo SPARK Plastic Wear Ring – 140mm

USD $79.63
Plastic wear ring for 140mm Sea-Doo SPARK jet pumps. This wear ring is an OEM replacement for 140mm Sea-Doo SPARK

Sea-Doo SPARK Stainless Steel Wear Ring – 140mm

USD $258.81
Stainless steel wear ring for 140mm Sea-Doo SPARK jet pumps. This wear ring is a direct upgrade for 140mm Sea-Doo

Sea-Doo Stainless Steel Wear Ring

USD $258.81
Stainless steel wear ring for Sea-Doo jet pumps. This wear ring is a direct upgrade for Sea-Doo jet pumps, offering longer life and improved performance for Minijet boat use.   Please select the appropriate diameter below.

Yamaha Stainless Steel Wear Ring

USD $298.63USD $537.53
Stainless steel wear ring for Yamaha jet pumps. This wear ring is a direct upgrade for Yamaha jet pumps, offering longer life and improved performance for Minijet boat use.   Please select the appropriate diameter below.

Minijet Hat

USD $19.91
Adjustable trucker-style snap-back hats with embroidered Minijet Logo.

Minijet Boating Safety Kit

USD $47.78
The ultimate kit for safe mini jet boating, Safety kit includes compact items for all your rescue and first aid needs.  Safety Kit Includes:
  • First aid kit
  • Fox 40 micro pealess safety whistle (110 decibels)
  • 50' (15 m) woven polypropylene Fox 40 marine rope
  • LED light
  • Bilge sponge
  • Waterproof screw-top container/bailer
  • 2 x glow sticks
  • Compass
  • Dry bag (all components of the kit fit into the dry bag)

Minijet Inc Long Sleeve T-Shirt

USD $17.52
Classic T-Shirt from Minijet INC in Black with small front logo and large logo on back. Thank you in advance to all the people who support us by purchasing promotional gear from us!

Minijet Neck Warmer

USD $17.52
Keep your neck warm and your face covered with this Minijet neck warmer. Single layer, stretchy, one size fits all.

Sikaflex – 291 – Marine Sealant

USD $15.93
Sikaflex 291 is a professional marine adhesive and sealant used by boat builders around the world. It can be used above and below the waterline, bonds well to metals, woods, and other marine products, and it forms an elastic / vibration resistant bond between components. This grey sealant is also a close color match with surrounding aluminum panels, and it can be sanded and painted to match surrounding areas if required. We recommend Sikaflex 291 for sealing cable pass throughs, pump adapter plates, and joints between your intake base plate, intake housing, and transom. Sikaflex 291 is not recommended for use with plastics that are prone to stress cracking (e.g. plexiglass, polycarbonate, etc.) This product is sold as a 300ml (10.1 fl.oz) tube that is compatible with common caulking guns.

CKX Titan Airflow Helmet

USD $397.37
The CKX Titan Airlfow is our favourite helmet for adventure boating. With lots of adjustable vent openings, a set of removable goggles, and a flip-open muzzle, these helmets are great for any conditions. It's also super easy to install our range of Sena communication equipment into these helmets, or strap a go-pro onto the included mounting point. Helmets are available as a special order item, and they are available in a range of sizes and colours. Please contact us to discuss stock and lead times for these helmets.

Camcleat CL201

USD $15.93
This cam rope cleat can be used to fasten lines on your boat.
  • Suitable for 1/4 - 1/2 inch diameter lines
  • Suitable for 6 - 12mm diameter lines
  • Can be fastened with suitable 1/4 inch diameter bolts or screws

Camcleat CL205

USD $23.89
This cam rope cleat can be used to fasten lines on your boat.
  • Suitable for 3/8 – 5/8 inch diameter lines
  • Suitable for 10 – 16mm diameter lines
  • Can be fastened with suitable 5/16 inch diameter bolts or screws

Camcleat CL234

USD $23.89
This standalone camcleat is ideal for hanging fenders, bumpers, or other accessories.
  • Suitable for 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch diameter lines
  • Suitable for 6mm to 12mm diameter lines

Canvas Cover Snap Puller

USD $39.02
Has your boat cover shrunken over time? Do you struggle to get your cover clipped into position? This tool is for you! This canvas cover snap puller tool gives you the extra leverage you need to get those stubborn snap covers into position. This tool can be used to pull snaps and covers into position during installation, and can also help to lift stubborn snaps during cover removal.

Circular Deck Hatch

USD $27.87
This 6 inch round deck hatch is the perfect solution to access spaces below deck, or behind covers. The twist lock design holds the cap securely in place and provides a flush outer surface that won't obstruct your deck. The included o-ring seal keeps water out of any compartment below this cover.

Collapsible Emergency Paddles

USD $17.52
These plastic and aluminum paddles are perfect for small boats with limited storage options. They fold down into a compact size and can be extended for use. The hooked handle ends can also be helpful for catching lines and docks.

Panel Slam Latch

USD $15.93
This slam latch is a great option for panel doors and openings that need to be closed quickly. The latch will open and close when a panel is "slammed" closed. This latch requires a 2" round opening to be drilled into the mating panel.

Rectangular Deck Hatch

USD $75.65
This rectangular hatch is the perfect way to add an access point to the deck of your boat.
  • Locking handle provides secure closure
  • Sealed top edge prevents water ingress
  • Needs 11.00 inch x 15.00 inch of open deck space
  • Open hatch provides 7.25 inch  x 11.375 inch clear opening

Seadoo 4TEC Wiring Harness Extension

USD $517.62
Pre-wired harness extension for Seadoo 4TEC engine packages

Seadoo Spark Gauge Cluster Mount Kit

USD $119.45
Use this kit to re-mount your OEM Seadoo Spark gauge cluster in a new boat.
  • This kit is sold as a set of pre cut and bent components. You must weld these parts together yourself.
  • This kit only includes the aluminum pieces pictured here. It does not include a gauge cluster / screen.