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Minijet Bypass Fittings – routes water out of hull

CAD $25.00
Our custom bypass fittings are CNC machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and black anodized for durable, long lasting sleek look.

Minijet Premium Switch Panel

CAD $200.00
Our Billet CNC-cut aluminum switch panel is the best way to easily organize and label our marine grade electrical switches.

Minijet Sand Trap kit

CAD $220.00
Protect your motor’s cooling ducts from sand and other sediment by adding this inline filter to collect it. Spiraling action allows debris to collect in the bottom of the clear bowl with the clean water passing through the mesh in the top. Even if the bowl fills up it will not allow debris into you motor.

Easily monitor the clear bowl at a glance and clean it when needed by unscrewing the clear bowl from the filter and opening the included valve to let dirt out back into the river.

Please choose what size Hose-barb is best fitted for your machine.

Cup Holder – Stainless Steel with Drain

CAD $20.00
These stainless cupholders feature a drain in the bottom.

Cooling System Y-Fitting (for 3/4 inch diameter hose)

CAD $20.00
This coolant system Y-fitting is ideal for splitting coolant water flow between two heat exchangers in a jet boat. This Y-fitting more evenly splits the water flow compared to a standard T-fitting.
  • Barbed connection suitable for hoses with 3/4 inch internal diameter.
  • Plastic material is lightweight, will not corrode.

Drain Plug (7/8 inch)

CAD $10.00
Features a convenient finger-loop that can also have a tie/string, such to not forget or lose them.

3-inch Engine Compartment Blower

CAD $70.00
Water Resistant Turbo Blower (12v, 120 CFM) with ducting.  We also sell this blower in a kit with a through-hull aluminum baffled vent and everything you'd need for installation.

3-inch Engine Compartment Blower Kit

CAD $140.00
Water Resistant Turbo Blower (12v, 120 CFM), Minijet aluminum baffled vent, 4 feet of 3" blower hose and installation hardware (3 zip-ties, 2 screws, 4 rivets)

Adjustable Surface-Mount Cover Latch

CAD $65.00
This is the recommended latch to secure engine cover.

Aerator Spray Head

CAD $25.00
An Aerator Spray Head to better oxygenate the water in a Bait/live-well.

Aircraft Style Aluminum Fuel Cap with Retainer-Chain

CAD $175.00
Solid billet aluminum gas cap with retainer chain. Non-vented.

Aluminum Weld-on Hinges

CAD $15.00
Aluminum Weld-on Hinges. Suitable for windscreen doors. Length: 80 mm Diameter: 13 mm

Automatic Bilge Pump

CAD $205.00
Our fully automatic bilge pump features a built in water sensor that eliminates the need for a separate float switch and extra wiring. The pump also has built in programming that can turn off the pump when it pump is running but not pumping water to protect the pump, and batteries.
  • Capacity: 1,100 GPH
  • Volts: 12VDC
  • Amperage: 3.8 amp draw at maximum flow
  • sold with straight fitting adapters for 1" and 1-1/8" hose.
  • sold with snap on strainer that allows for easy cleaning and mounting.
We also offer this in a Bilge Pump Kit with hose, aluminum fitting and Stringer Mounting Plate.

Bilge Hose (1-1/8in diameter, 6ft length)

CAD $15.00
This bilge hose is ideal for routing your bilge water out of your hull, and it is designed to work with our automatic bilge pump and hull bypass fittings. Bilge hose has a 1-1/8in diameter and is sold in 6 foot lengths. Most boats use between 4ft and 6ft of hose. For custom length please contact us.  

Billet Aluminum Fuel Cap with Retainer-Chain

CAD $125.00
Solid billet aluminum gas cap with retainer chain. Available in vented, or non-vented configurations.

Blower Hose (3in diameter, 4ft length)

CAD $10.00
Blower hose is also available as part of our complete blower kit. Custom lengths are available, please contact us.

Bow Eye – Stainless 2-1/2″

CAD $24.00
1/2"-13UNC Thread 3.25" thread length Shank spacing 2"

Bow Eye – Weld On

CAD $10.00
Weld on aluminum bow-eye, suitable for connecting bow-lines or trailer to the bow of the boat.

Bow Eye (2 Hole) – Weld On

CAD $10.00
Weld on aluminum bow-eye/transom-tie, suitable for connecting bow-lines or trailer to the bow or transom of the boat.

Windscreen Gasket Material

CAD $7.50
Windscreen gasket material ideal for windows on Minijet high-profile windscreen assemblies. This rubber gasket material is designed to work with 1/8 inch thickness aluminum panels, and 1/4 inch thickness lexan or glass window inserts. This gasket material allows the lexan or glass insert to sit outside of the aluminum panel so that it can not be pushed inwards by water, waves, or impacts. Lexan or glass inserts must be cut larger than the mating hole in order to make this gasket work correctly. After installation, the outer lip of this gasket can be folded inward on itself, locking the window inserts into position.
  • Minimum recommended distance between edge of glass and edge of body panel = 0.140 inch (glass piece should be 2 x 0.140 inch = 0.280 inch larger than the body panel opening).
  • Minimum recommended radius of body panel opening = 2.00 inch
  • Suitable for body panel thicknesses from 0.075 inch to 0.140 inch
  • Suitable for glass panel thicknesses from 0.1875 inch to 0.250 inch
We stock this gasket material as a continuous role and sell it in 1 foot increments. Please use the quantity selector to indicate the length you require in feet.

Drain Plug (3/4 inch)

CAD $8.00
Features a convenient hole for a tie/string, such to not forget or lose them.

Engine Cover Strut Kit

CAD $100.00
This gas-powered strut kit is perfect way to assist in lifting/opening the engine cover.

Minijet Sea-doo Switch Housings

CAD $240.00
Premium Billet CNC machined aluminum switch enclosure for Sea-doo VTS/IBR switches. Includes the switch housing with switch retention plate and retention hardware. Does not include Sea-doo switch; from a donor Sea-doo.