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Minijet Electronic Finger Control Levers

USD $234.92USD $469.84
Our Minijet electronic finger control levers allow you to easily re-use and re-mount the electronic throttle and iBR control sensors from your donor Seadoo. This product makes a clean and simple installation, with no extra cables or wires getting in the way. Unlike other products on the market, these electronic finger control levers do not require any modifications to the Seadoo sensor bodies, and the clamping attachment can be angled to suit different steering wheel and handlebar positions. This product is proudly designed, machined, anodized, and shipped from our home in Canada directly to you. Please note this product does not include the electronic throttle or iBR sensors.

Minijet Premium Switch Panel

USD $159.27
Our Billet CNC-cut aluminum switch panel is the best way to easily organize and label our marine grade electrical switches.

Minijet Sea-doo Switch Housings

USD $191.12
Premium Billet CNC machined aluminum switch enclosure for Sea-doo VTS/IBR switches. Includes the switch housing with switch retention plate and retention hardware. Does not include Sea-doo switch; from a donor Sea-doo.

Minijet Electric Trim Actuator Kit

USD $497.71
The Minijet Electric Trim Actuator Kit includes a 12v Electric Linear Actuator, 2 control relays, 6ft Trim Cable, Cable End, Cable Extension, Mounting Plate, Cable Travel Arm, Cable Mounts and Installation Hardware. This kit will still require Momentary Switches which we sell separately.

HD Battery Retainer Strap Pair

USD $23.89
Much stronger and slightly shorter than OEM straps which takes away the slack when using aftermarket batteries. 10 inches total length (hook to hook). These straps can be added to the Minijet Battery Box incase your donor PWC does not have OEM straps to use. (Battery Box sold separately).

Marine Battery Switch

USD $51.76
This is a marine grade switch that is typically used as a full battery disconnect.

Marine Fuse Panel with Ground Bus

USD $59.73
This marine grade panel is great for keeping your electronic circuits organized and properly fused.

Marine Switch Panel

USD $75.65
This Marine grade switch panel is a good compact way to organize multiple electronic circuits, but we also offer a premium Minijet Switch Panel that is made from billet CNC cut aluminum.

Minijet Battery Box

USD $23.89
Battery Box fits all popular PWC battery sizes. Designed for use with OEM rubber bungee retainers or we recommend adding Battery Straps to secure your battery in place. Adhesive vibration dampening pad included. Multiple bungee hook locations for tension adjustment.

Minijet Cable Tie Mounts

USD $7.96USD $59.73
Minijet cable fasteners are a great way to keep wires organized.

Minijet Navigation Light Pack

USD $47.78
Save $15 by ordering navigation lights in a pack. This product listing includes 1x red, 1x green, 1x white LED Nav Lights. We also have the same LED Nav lights listed individually in each color for your convenience.

Minijet Pop-up Bow Light

USD $163.25
The stainless housed pop-up bow lights are great for those who want lights that can hide away when not being used.

Waterproof Switch

USD $11.95
High quality waterproof stainless steel push button switch with red led back light. These are great for start/stop or for controlling bilge pump, blower, lights gauges etc. Switches mount with a 1.00" hole and are held in place with the included bulkhead nut. These switches work great in our Minijet Switch Panel

Minijet Anchor Light

USD $71.67
Removable white LED light pole for navigation or anchor lighting.
  • 24" Stainless steel pole.
  • Black plastic base / socket.
  • 12V DC wiring connection.

Seadoo 4TEC Wiring Harness Extension

USD $517.62
Pre-wired harness extension for Seadoo 4TEC engine packages

Seadoo Spark Wiring Harness Extension

USD $278.72
This pre-wired harness extension for Seadoo Spark packages allows you to extend the wiring harness to reach forward mounted dash and throttle components. This harness does not include connections for iBR / VTS control which must be extended separately.  

Window Wiper Motor

USD $179.18
Heavy duty 12V window wiper motor suitable for marine use.
  • Slow and fast wiping speeds
  • Adjustable sweep angles; 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, or 110 degrees
  • Adjustable parking in left or right positions
  • Isolated ground wire for metal, plastic, or wooden boats
  • 316 SS wiper shaft
  • 304 SS mounting plate
  • Black powder coated body