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Minijet A2 Series – DIY Boat Kit Builder

Our DIY boat kit builder tool allows you to configure different options and accessories for our 10ft, 11ft, 12ft, or 14ft A2 Series kits and welded hulls. This kit builder tool works on a logic system similar to a ladder, each selection you make or product that you click will take you to the next rung of the ladder. If you move backwards or change a previous selection you will step back down the ladder and may need to re-enter certain selections due to the changes you have made. Once you've assembled a kit of products that you are happy with you can proceed to checkout to pay a deposit for your order, or you can add it to a quote. With both of these options your order is submitted to us for review and we will contact you to discuss the details of your order, forecast lead times, shipping options, and to discuss any questions that you might have.
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Minijet A2-12 Welded Hull

USD $15,341.51
We are now offering our most popular A2-12 model as a complete welded hull package. This package includes:
  • Minijet A2-12 fully welded hull
  • 1/2" Thick UHMW hull protection - Installed
  • Low profile windscreen frame - Installed.
  • Lexan window inserts and attachment hardware - loose components
  • Minijet Die Cast Intake with EZ clean intake stomp grate - Installed.
  • Your choice of intake driveshaft supports to suit Yamaha, Seadoo, or Kawasaki driveshaft installations - loose components.
  • Your choice of engine mount kits for Yamaha, Seadoo, or Kawasaki Engine installation - Loose components.
  • Integrated rear seat engine cover - Installed
  • Coosa composite floor panel and rear engine cover lid - Installed.
  • Engine cover hinges, latch, and retention cable - Installed.
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