A2-10 Shop mule


This A2-10 Minijet was built to be as simple, lightweight, and cost effective as possible. Getting to the root of a true minijet boat. 

Equipped with a; 90hp Sea-Doo Spark engine, EZ clean intake stomp grate, and a high profile windscreen, this boat is equipped with the most needed features for Canadian boating, without any extra weight. .

 If you’re interested in having us build a similar boat for you please get in touch with us using our contact form.

A2-10 Battleship

This A2-10 Battleship Minijet was built to withstand extra hard conditions with the extra durable Posi-Nozzle with Reverse–Bucket and Stomp-Grate.

Like most of our turn-key boats, the Battleship features UHMW Hull Protection Plastic to shield the boat from hitting any rocks or logs.

We also designed a custom Ultra-Deck and Vinyl Graphics package to resemble a Battleship

A2-10 Canadian Kiwi


This A2-10 Minijet was built to highlight just how important power to weight ratio is. Powered by the lightweight 90HP Spark 900ACE engine this Minijet is one of the most capable boats we have ever built. 

Even compared to higher-output engine machines this particular build is one we plan to build many more of, as it is our favorite to drive.

The lightweight, compact-size and super-low draft allows this machine to go almost anywhere that has a trickle of water.  

Minijet A2-10

This A2-10 was crammed tight with a Yamaha TR-1 engine and it packs a punch in such a small package. 

Later equipped with an aftermarket trim nozzle and reverse bucket, this little boat can take on any challenge on the water and look great doing it at the same time. This sparkly red never goes out of fashion. 

Minijet A2-10


This A2-10 Minijet was built with a focus on simplicity and value for money. Lots of functional options and extras, but nothing too flashy and nothing unnecessary. 


If you’re interested in building a similar boat of your own, please get in touch with us.