Turn Key Models

Our turn key boats are proudly designed, tested, and built in our own shop from start to finish. All you have to do is get in, turn the key, and go! Each model has been designed with a specific adventure in mind.

If you are interested in any of these models please contact us for more information.


Minijet Ambush

Small, light, with precision handling, the Ambush is a true mini jet boat. It is a culmination of our earliest designs right up until the present.


At 11ft long, the ambush fits two people comfortably with enough space for day gear, snacks, etc. The low profile windshield maintains a sporty appearance and allows you to fit under the lowest bridges or branches that get in your way.

Minijet Frontier

Based on the same hull as the Ambush, the Frontier is the northern explorers dream. The high profile windscreen providing extra protection from the elements means you can push even further into the unknown.

At 11ft long, the Frontier fits two people comfortably with enough space for day gear, snacks, etc. The high profile windscreen provides extra protection from water, wind, and rogue vegetation that might get in your way on a narrow river.

Minijet Liberator

Small and nimble enough to go anywhere, yet large enough to bring your family and friends with you. The Liberator gives you the freedom to choose your activity while still being a capable mini jet boat.

13ft in length, with low profile sporty lines, and space for 4 people. The Liberator will get you and your friends up any river in a hurry or spend the day on the lake doing water sports.

Minijet Rover

A new hull for 2023, the Rover is designed with adventure in mind. With a stubby open bow and high windscreen it is the ideal long range mini jet boat.


At 13ft long, it's wider nose and front deck area provide more storage space for gear, or ample space for a front mounted fishing seat. The rear engine cover accommodates extra seating and storage space. It's a family boat with the outdoorsman in mind.

Minijet Outfitter

The Outfitter takes all the benefits and design details from the Rover, with the added accessibility and freedom of a centre console.

The wider front nose and open foredeck provide great access for fishing, hauling gear, or jumping off the nose of the boat to a nearby shore. At 13ft long this is a true utility mini jet boat.

Minijet Defender

The Defender is our ultimate tripping boat. Similar in design to the Rover. The Defender has space to fit five people, and all of their gear for a long camping or hunting trip.

At 16ft long the wider, longer, and more stable hull is great for river or lake use. With inspiration taken from our Jumbo Jet 17 model it's well outside the realms of a "mini" jet boat but has many more features and advantages that will make this model a future favourite in the jet boat community.

Minijet Voyageur

Designed to carry everything plus the kitchen sink, the Voyageur provides a larger, wider, more stable hull design for doing "work". With all the added space and accessibility benefits of a centre console it is still a capable shallow water boat.

At 16ft in length, the Voyageur can be equipped to handle any challenge. Fishing, hunting, camping, exploring or accessing remote cottages and camps. This is the base platform to your unconventional boating needs.

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